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About Us

Our story began by trying to solve a problem- managing over half a dozen work-from-home virtual assistants all over the world from a small, start-up office in Australia. Jeremy Morgan, the CEO & Founder, started Delonix in ____ 2008 through his expertise in Digital Marketing- particularly SEO. The concept of outsourcing talented individuals to provide online services to our partners sounded promising, but entailed a lot of challenges. The road was not easy, but experience was always the best teacher and purpose the best motivator.

By July 2012, we decided to migrate our first official corporate office to Cebu, Philippines, as it has become the hub for world-class talents. We launched with just 50 people in our team but through passion and hard work, it grew to 200 by 2017. In the same year, we shared the success with Dumaguete, a neighbouring City with rising potential, and opened our second office for a wider talent outreach.

Fast forward to 2021 and we now have a total of over 400 talented professionals providing offshore services from the Philippines to over 60 partners in Australia, New Zealand, The USA ,and The UK, with varying natures of business. We have also invested in providing top-notch employee programs, facilities and amenities to give our people the experience that they deserve. Today, we continue to grow by working with integrity, respecting and caring for each individual, and thriving in excellence.

Our Management Team

Our People


Jeremy Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

The primary difference between Delonix and other outsource companies in Cebu, is that Delonix’s Australian born CEO, Jeremy Morgan has been living in the Philippines since 2011, and working hands-on in the Philippines offices. Jeremy’s background is in Digital Marketing, having spoken at many events around Australia and influenced by the likes of Mal Emery, Jamie McIntyre and Tony Robbins to name a few.


Floe Baricuatro

Chief Operating Officer

A results-driven business outsourcing professional with 13 years of experience in Client Services and Operations. She runs the company-wide operational functions, developing strategies that improve productivity and promote whilst providing direction and leadership to high performance teams.

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Our Mission

We help businesses harness their team efficiently and effectively through our dedicated managers and expert support. We arrange a professional, high-performing team for you to take up and accomplish your time-consuming yet high-impacting tasks such as onboarding with perfect accuracy. Each professional is true to his craft and sticks with you till you achieve your business goals with 100% satisfaction.


Our Vision

Helping multinational businesses scale past their growth potential via top-seeded remote team experience

Our Values


We respect human talent and polish it to the fullest


We yearn for 100% satisfaction of our team and partners


We always find excellent ways to thrive.