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Job Roles You Can Outsorce


Web Developers

We have a really strong team of talented and experienced front-end web developers, back-end programmers, and full-stack developers to suit all your project and web development outsourcing requirements.


Graphic Designers

Eye-catching graphics are the most unrivaled way to grab a customer’s attention – may it be the design of your logo, website, or other digital marketing collateral. Outsource your graphic designer who truly understands your vision, and can bring it to life, with us!


Virtual Assistants

Typical of your traditional “virtual assistant” or VA who provides clients with professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance remotely to wherever you need assistance.


Appointment Setting

Whether it’s calling upon your existing client database or handing overqualified, “warm” leads to your sales managers, we have clients utilising appointment setters to leverage their time.


Customer Support Staff

Providing excellent customer experiences can be hard, especially if you don’t have the right customer support staff. We have several clients using teams for inbound voice & email customer support.


Accountants & Bookkeepers

Apart from delivering essential accounting and bookkeeping services, outsourcing your Xero-Certified accountants or qualified CPAs with us can help you reduce your expenses without reducing the quality.


Social Media Marketing

Experience Social Media Management like no other by handing over the metaphorical keys to your social media accounts to your offshore staff, who’ll spend time researching your industry and posting relevant content that speaks to your audience


e-Commerce Management

From setting up new stores to adding new listings, managing customer emails, coordinating with suppliers, and managing orders, we already have a client that has a VA doing that for them now!

Managed Office Based

  1. Management & Coaching Support
  2. Business Grade Fibre Optic Internet With Multiple Backup Lines
  3. Backup Generator Power
  4. Low Latency Voip Telephone Lines
  5. Enhanced Data Security
  6. Staff Retention & Social Activities
  7. World-Class Office Amenities
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Reliability & Redundancy

Having your team report to a physical office each day gives them structure to their work day, as well as redundant power and Internet including back-up generators to our building, and 5 separate Internet connections across 3 separate ISPs (fibre-optic & cable)

Coaching & Mentoring

Managing staff remotely has it’s unique differences & challenges, however our management team (lead by an Australian CEO working in the Philippine office) will assist you and your staff to adapt to the culture differences and understand what level of expectations exist on both sides.

The “Communal Hive”

Having over 400 staff currently in the office with different skillsets and experience means a wide variety of knowledge for new staff to draw upon. If you need a new task done, chances are there’s already someone in the office that can help teach your staff how to do it.

Managed Work From Home


Virtual Office Systems

Delonix offers you complete control to manage your employees without renting a physical office for them. We help you bolster your business by equipping you with the right talent that it deserves. You can get core virtual office services, including;

  • Business fax service.
  • Business mailing address.
  • Business phone numbers.
  • Dedicated voice mail and telephone answering.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Want to guide your customers through the sales process into the support phase? Delonix offers a dedicated client success manager who can ensure that the customers get the right tools and support to achieve what they’re looking for. Offering complete and dedicated services to your clients can lead any business to an elevated level.


Staff Retention and Social Activities

We help you maintain cultural solidarity in your business by engaging you with the right talent. Having elevated employee retention brings more productivity and reliability to your workforce. Staff retention is all about how great you can be to manage your talented and experienced staff for an extended period, and we can help you in that matter.


Broader Spectrum of Recruitment

Hiring and recruitment bring their kind of challenges. Having an outsourcing agency at your side can give you a broader spectrum of recruiting your workforce to bring value and productivity. We offer an extensive database of highly skilled and qualified experts so you can get the professionals on board that can bolster your business status.


Higher Staff Retention

Enjoy high staff retention with little stress of managing. Delonix can do all the tough jobs for you while you can work on your business and not in your business. We can;

  • Manage your employees.
  • Offer you proper feedback.
  • Work as the central bridge between both parties to solve concerns.

Employee Health and Wellness

Taking care of the wellness of your employees brings a positive and productive impact on the work culture. We offer non-clinical yet essential care to ensure the health and wellness of your employees. It includes;

  • Medical billing and collection.
  • Insurance verification solutions.
  • Scheduling and confirming in-person and telehealth appointments.

Seat Leasing



Every workstation comes with a stable desk, high-back leather chair, computer with secondary monitor, plus noise cancelling USB headset for VoIP calls. Seat leasing options come with various laptop or PC specs and Mac available. (Special conditions apply for Mac desktops.)


Fibre Optic Internet

Each office has redundant Fibre Optic Internet from two different ISPs—PLDT (300 Mbps), Rise (150 Mbps), and Skybiz (50 Mbps)


Fulltime IT Staff

Each office has IT staff deployed on-remise to assist you with any technical support and help out your staff in the event that any IT help is required.


CCTV & Temperature Checks

Employee and client safety is a top priority for us, which is why each office has CCTV cameras installed and operational round-the-clock, plus Temperature checks at the office entrances.


Biometrics Logs

Each office has biometric scanners for the automatic logging in and out of your staff, with reports available for your payroll.


Training / Meeting Rooms

Each office has several training and conference rooms. Each room is equipped with its own projector, screen, and whiteboard. The offices also have a shared lunch / break room with your own dedicated lockers, plus the bathrooms are located close to the operations


Reliability & Redundancy

Choosing to rent office space in Delonix (which has been running since 2002 and had expanded to the Philippines in 2012) allows you to save capital as you expand your business operations. No need to sign commercial leases, no need to buy more furniture and computers. The only thing you need to do is to hire your own staff (and by the way, we can help you with this one too), and their workstations will be provided.


Cost Efficiency

Since Philippine labour cost is way lesser than Western labour cost and since large capital outlay isn’t necessary, seat leasing in Cebu is perfect for startups, growing companies looking into emerging markets, and multinational companies looking to keep down the operations costs.


No Fixed Contracts

You may pay the service month-to-month and only provide 30 days’ notice if you would like to cancel your contract with us. Our office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, or we can set up an appointment at your availability.

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