Virtual Book Keeper

A lot of small business owners are so busy in the day to day operations of making money that they dread the end of the day when they have to sit down and do their bookkeeping.

You may put this task off until the end of the month, by which time the paperwork has mounted up, and now the job’s even worse.

Sometimes it’s the humble business owner’s partner that gets stuck with having to tend to the book-keeping. Well rather than go through the time and stress of keeping your accounts up to date, why not outsource this task for a fraction of the cost.

Imagine this – you buy supplies at the local store but use cash. Simply take a photo of the receipt on your phone, email to your virtual book-keeper, whom then extracts all the information off the receipt, logs into your online accounting software, and adds the receipt into your expenses.

Your bookkeeper can reconcile your accounts, email you weekly or monthly reports and provide all the data that your account requires. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and have one more task delegated.

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