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Affordable Seat Leasing in Cebu City

Save on capital as you expand operations to the Philippines with our reasonably priced office workspace rental options. Availing of this service is easy—you only need to hire your Philippines staff at the comfort of your own office, and then we at Delonix will set up a complete workstation for them composed of a desk, a chair, a powerful laptop or PC that’s connected to our high-speed internet lines, a second monitor, and a USB headset designed for VoIP calls.

No need to purchase furniture and computers. No need to sign commercial seat leasing contracts. We can even help you with hiring your staff if you need it. Our services are just right—whether you’re building a startup, a growing business that’s looking to expand into an emerging market, or a multinational company looking to keep operation and overhead costs down. Enquire today for special call center seat leasing offers!

What's included

Seatlease workstation


Every workstation or cubicle comes with a stable desk, comfy office chair, laptop or PC, second monitor, and USB headset for all VoIP calls. Seat leasing options come with various laptop or PC specs and Mac available. (Special conditions apply for Mac desktops.)

Seat lease internet

Highspeed Internet

Our office has four separate Internet connections from three different ISPs—PLDT (300 Mbps & 100 Mbps), Rise (150 Mbps), and Skybiz (50 Mbps), and a fifth separate lease line for all VoIP traffic.

Fulltime IT staff

Fulltime IT Staff

We have numerous highly trained IT staff on board to help out your staff in the event that any technical support is required.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

Employee and client safety is a top priority for us, and this is why our office has CCTV cameras installed and operational round-the-clock, plus security guards posted at office entrances at all times.



We provide you employee biometric fingerprint scanner reports every month to assure you that your projects and tasks are being worked on in Delonix.

Training/ Meeting rooms

Training / Meeting Rooms

Our office also has a couple of training rooms that are equipped with projectors, screens, and whiteboards. We can also provide your staff with access to our extensive video training library.

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What You Need to Know About Seat Leasing

Seat leasing is a BPO service which involves Delonix providing your virtual employees a complete and professional office environment. Every seat we offer for leasing comes with a desk, chair, laptop or PC that already has the necessary software and hardware installed, a second monitor, USB headset, and stable and fast internet (and/or phone) connection. You pay per seat, and you can rent from one to several hundred seats.

Once we agree on certain arrangements, you can go ahead with hiring and training your staff. As for other employee basics like pay and other benefits, Delonix will take care of them on your behalf, for an additional charge.

In other words, leasing seats or a section of a co-working space is a great way to start operations almost instantly. This offer is especially beneficial for established or start-up call center companies looking to lease seats and expand in a business-friendly city. Contact us today to know more about this amazing service.

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Why Seat Leasing in Cebu?

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Zero Capital Outlay

Choosing to rent office space in Delonix (which has been running since 2002 and had expanded to the Philippines in 2012) allows you to save capital as you expand your business operations. No need to sign commercial leases, no need to buy more furniture and computers. The only thing you need to do is to hire your own staff (and by the way, we can help you with this one too), and their workstations will be provided.

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Cost Efficiency

Since Philippine labour cost is way lesser than Western labour cost and since large capital outlay isn’t necessary, seat leasing in Cebu is perfect for startups, growing companies looking into emerging markets, and multinational companies looking to keep down the operations costs.

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No Fixed Contracts

You may pay the service month-to-month and only provide 30 days’ notice if you would like to cancel your contract with us. Our office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, or we can set up an appointment at your availability.

Frequently asked Questions

Where is your office at?

We’re located on the third floor of Mango Square Mall in the Fuente area of Cebu City. While IT Park is a popular BPO hotspot in Cebu City, the Fuente area has more public transport routes, hence making it easier to get to. Being at the heart of Cebu City in the Mango Avenue and Fuente area, leasing call center seats here is perfect as we’re much closer to emergency services, including fire stations, hospitals, and police stations to ensure client and staff safety during operating hours. Let’s not forget to mention the 24-hour food joints in the vicinity.

What is the minimum and maximum number of workstations I can hire?

For seat leasing, you can hire a minimum of 5 seats and a maximum of 80 as of this time of writing.

How fast is your Internet connection?

Our office has four separate Internet connections from three different ISPs—PLDT (300 Mbps & 100 Mbps), Rise (150 Mbps), and Skybiz (50 Mbps), and a fifth separate dedicated lease line for all VoIP traffic.

What are the specs of the computers the employees will be using?

The standard package we provide is a Dell Windows XP desktop PC (dual core, 500GB HDD, 2MB RAM, and 19” monitor). But we also offer a quad-core PC package with a 24” monitor and running Windows 8.1, i3 or i5 Acer laptops running Windows 8.1 with a secondary external monitor, or Mac desktop computer (a 12-month lease applies). Each computer comes with noise-cancelling headsets and softphone for VoIP calls.

Can I let my staff use MS Office?

By default, staff can only use either Google Drive or Open Office, but if MS Office is needed, make sure to supply staff with a license key so we can set it up on their stations.

Do you allow staff to use Mac computers?

Yes, but you need to sign a 12-month contract with us.

What are your office hours?

The office may be utilized on a 24/7 basis, 365 days each year, but the standard workweek is 5 days with an 8-hour shift each day. Contact us for any time requirement concerns.

What can you do in the event of power interruptions?

Desktop PCs are provided with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) units, laptops have their batteries, and the entire building is equipped with a generator system.

What facilities does your office have on hand?

Apart from seat leasing, our office comes with several conference rooms for training and one-on-one sessions with your staff. Each conference room is equipped with its own projector, screen, and whiteboard. Our office also has a separate boardroom dedicated for client meetings during on-site tours and for when you want to visit the office. The office also has standard amenities for your staff such as a break room/pantry, lockers, and bathrooms located close to each department.

What payment options do you accommodate?

To book your seat leasing service with us, we will need one month’s deposit and the first month’s payment upfront. Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are accepted, though you may also transfer your payments to our Philippine corporate bank account.

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