Virtual Receptionist

If you’ve telephoned a big Australian Telco for tech support or a billing enquiry, chances are you ended up speaking to a Filipino call centre agent.

The reason large companies have been moving their call centres from India to the Philippines, is because Filipinos have much better English language proficiency than Indians (or chinese).

The Philippines is the second largest English speaking country in South East Asia, and with their large influence from the US, filipinos have a much better understanding of western culture.

Nowdays, you don’t need to be a big company to use the same cost saving services that larger corporations use. You can increase your during or after-hours telephone support in a variety of ways.

Around 75% of callers hang up when their call is answered by a machine or voicemail. Don’t lose potential business, take up our live answering virtual phone assistant without having to hire a full time receptionist.

  • Answer your phone during business hours, screen your calls and forward only the genuine or urgent calls while taking a message for all others
  • Answer your phone and book in jobs for service based businesses.
  • Take orders over the phone
  • Offer technical support for your customers
  • Personally contact new customers, clients or signups to your business
  • Make a confirmation call the day before your customer’s appointment with your business

The telephone is usually where you have your 1st contact with prospective clients, and as such, is where your prospects form the all-important first impression of your business. That means it is vital that your calls are answered professionally and quickly.

There are always times when you are busy or unavailable to answer the call yourself, such as when you’re on a job, on another call, in a meeting, or working on a project you can’t be distracted from.

And it’s a lot more affordable than you’d expect.

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