When you first setup an account with OrbitRemit you will need to send them a scanned copy of your ID to verify and thus activate your account. They are a bit of a pain to setup an account in the beginning (due to all the money legislation) as you need to email them scanned copies of your ID, and a bank statement etc, but once your account is setup, payment is easy, fast and cheap. Once you have setup your account, follow the instructions below:

Step 1) Login to your account:

Login Orbit

Step 2) If you haven’t added us (Delonix) as a recipient, then click on “New Recipient”
If you have already added Delonix, then skip to step 3

Orbit Recipient

Choose Philippines from the country list:

Orbit Country

And then leave the Recipient type as “Bank Account” & click “Next”

Orbit Account

From the “Select Bank” drop down selection, choose “Unionbank of the Philippines” (it will be right at the bottom of the list:)

Orbit Bank

For the Account name, write “Delonix Marketing Corporation”
& our Account number is 000260036730 – as per this screenshot:

Orbit Bank Details

This will allow you to make a payment in under a minute in the future.

Step 3) To send a payment, choose “Delonix Marketing Corporation” from the drop-down menu and then click “Make Payment”

Orbit Pay

Next, put in the amount in $AUD or PHP (If you choose Philippine Pesos, OrbitRemit will automatically calculate the equivalent $ rate based on the current exchange rate), select a payment purpose (eg: paying overseas supplier) and then for the reference, please enter our invoice number as per below:

Click on Review payment

You will then have a final opportunity to review your payment details as per below:

Orbit Payment review

If everything is correct, then click “Confirm Payment”

This has now created a “payment instruction” (think of it as a “purchase order”) to Orbit Remit, who will also send you a confirmation email.

When you create this “payment instruction” with Orbit, they will give you their local Australian bank details, which at the time of writing this, is Quay Credit Union BSB: 802 355 and Acc # 100037754

OrbitRemit will also issue you a unique 8-digit customer number when you first sign. You must always use your 8-digit customer number as the reference number for your transfer.

Here is an example of what a “payment instruction” looks like once placed in Orbit:

Orbit Remit

And here is an example of the confirmation email they send you:

Orbit Confirmation

Step 4) The last step is to now log in to your normal Internet banking, and make an online bank payment (also called as “direct bank transfer” or a “pay anyone transfer”) from your bank account to the Aussie bank account belonging to OrbitRemit.

Simply take the details given to you from Orbit after you made a payment instruction (their bank details, reference number, amount in $AUD) and transfer the funds through to Orbit, who will then convert to Philippine Pesos and forward the payment to our bank.

I use ANZ, but whomever you use for Internet banking should be a similar process to below:

Orbit Payment structure

Once you have sent the payment to Orbit, you will receive a confirmation within 1 business day that they have rec’d your payment, and they then send on to our bank.

So to summarise, first we’re creating a “payment order” in Orbit Remit,
and then we’re logging in to our own Internet banking and sending that money to (Orbit Remit’s) Aussie bank account. The reference number will always be the same for each and every transfer you make…it’s the 8-digit account number you are given when you sign up for free with Orbit.

When Orbit receive your funds in their Aussie bank account, they will match it up with the “payment order” you created and then forward the money to our bank account.

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