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Our HR Officer Fay

How do we find you top-notch staff?

Once the initial fee to get started has been paid, we'll schedule a discovery session with one of the management team to map out your goals and work out the best solution for your business & requirements.

You'll be sent our standard terms of agreement, NDA (if required), and a link to the recruitment order form. This essentially becomes the job description enabling us to fine-tune your job advertisements in order to attract the best fit of candidates to your requirements.

Recruitment cost is $399 USD for the first staff member and $299 for any subsequent staff sourced at the same time.

The recruitment fee covers the entire sourcing & hiring process including:

  • Advertising costs – we’ll advertise on multiple local job websites, resume services, and via Facebook advertising
  • Interviewing & screening candidates
  • Background checks
  • Reference checks (including previous employers)

Typically we’ll receive anywhere from 20 to 80 resumes, and our HR team will screen these down to around 6-10 physical interviews per position.

Admin, Sales or Customer Service positions require the candidates to pass English Essay & Grammar test before being interviewed by one of the HR team. Web or graphics positions will include a 1-2 hour “test project” whereby we can assess their coding or design skills respectively.

Once we’ve short-listed the top 2-3 staff, we’ll present these candidates for you to have the final phone or Skype interview with. That way you can review all their resumes, and have a comparison as you speak to them one after another.

After recruitment, we’ll put your staff on a 1-month training / trial, followed by a six month probationary period (standard in the Philippines). If you’re not happy with any of your chosen staff members during the first month, we’ll replace them for free.

Typical hourly rates (quoted in $USD) given as a range, depending on the position, skillset & experience desired:

  1. For data entry type work (not required to speak on the phone) the hourly rate  for fresh University graduate with no prior work experience is around $3.95 to $4.59 USD (approx $5.37 to $6.25 AUD depending on the exchange rate). Obviously you will need to train them up on your systems and requirements, but this is the entry level price range for data entry with no experience.
  2. For data entry / clerical roles like above but hiring someone with 1-2 years’ experience in the work force, the rates are around $4.59 to $5.07 USD. These types of candidates would be suitable to be trained up to manage tasks such as:
    1. General Administration, clerical and data entry
    2. Database / Lead Generation
    3. Email Marketing
  3. If you are looking for staff with 3-5 years' experience, the going rates are around $4.92 to $5.83 USD (approx $6.69 to $7.92 AUD depending on the exchange rate).
  4. If you're looking for someone to be an Executive Assistant or someon
  5. For telemarketing, sales or appointment setting, the hourly rates start from around $6.00 USD + call costs (and usually a sales incentive of some form of commission works best)
  6. Web developers are in high demand, with rates anywhere from $5.52 to $12+USD depending on their experience. For Android or iOS developers, expect to have to offer $6.28+ USD for a junior and up to $12+ per hour for an experienced developer
  7. A good graphic designer with 3-5 years’ experience will be around $6.28 to $7.04 USD per hour

Please note the rates quoted above are only guidelines and will vary slightly based on the current exchange rate and how much experience an applicant has. We will present you a list of applicants with their respective expected salaries based on skillset and previous experience. You may then interview each applicant and choose whom you want on your team.

These rates quoted above include the following:

  1. Your staff’s salary
  2. All their government mandated benefits including their 13th month pay (pro-rata’d each month)
  3. Private health insurance
  4. Penalty rates to work on all Philippine public holidays where it’s a normal working day in your city or state (to make things simple, if it's a normal working day in your city, your staff will also be expected to report to work)
  5. Our Managed Service fee (see below)


Tell me more about the advantages of a Delonix Teams service versus the more well-known "work from home" model?

If you want to employ a VA in the traditional “work from home” capacity, there are no additional costs outside of their salary. If you can find yourself a reliable VA, and they have a good Internet connection, then this may suit those first starting out in business, and just need a bit of help here and there on a contract basis.

However if you're looking to build a team that is critical to your everyday business operations, that has Internet & power redundancy, crystal clear VoIP telephone lines with backup connection, overseen by an Australian management team, then you're going to need the trust & reliability of a physical office for your team to work in. To provide you this service, we only charge $2.50 per hour which is already included in the rates quoted above.

What’s included for this $2.50?

1. Office / Work Space with computer

From one employee to a team of 50, your staff will have access to a cubicle (for voice accounts) or an open plan desk (for non-voice accounts) from 7am to 6pm weekdays. The office is currently open 24 hours per day during the week, and 3.30am to 10pm Philippine time on weekends.

  • Each of your staff will be supplied a Windows 8.1 or 10 i3 processor, 4Gb RAM, secondary 18.5” monitor & USB noise cancelling headset. (Higher spec computers for drafting or heavy applications can be quoted separately)
  • Each computer will be setup with Email, Skype, Teamviewer, OpenOffice or Google docs and an account created in Teamwork & VoIP (if you require phone calls to be received) Outbound calls are billed separately.
  • The office building has backup generator, 4 separate fibre-optic Internet connections from 3 different ISPs including 1 x 300Mbp, 2 x 100Mpb & 1 x 50Mbps connections.
  • Shared access to training rooms with Projector
  • Shared access to lunch room, water / coffee provided



2. Management & Supervision

The office was setup and management trained by Jeremy Morgan (who has been online marketing since 2006, and influenced by the likes of Mal Emery, Jamie McIntyre and Tony Robbins to name a few) along with Alison Omega, a local born Filipino, with 5 years’ experience working overseas for US and EU companies, plus 5 years’ experience working for Australian companies.

Attendance & Punctuality – Staff sign in each day via biometric finger scanner, and you’ll be emailed by your assigned account manager or HR should your staff member call in sick. A monthly attendance & punctuality report is also emailed.


3. Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Rather than hire your staff, and leave you to fend for yourself, we also have senior support staff, to help both the client and their newly hired staff on-board and understand each other.

  • A dedicated client liaison / account manager will be assigned to you. Their role is to assist you with the on-boarding, and hold the hand of both the client and staff during the first couple months, assisting where required
  • Induction – All newly hired staff go through a half day induction including :
    • Local culture & customs
    • Local language, pronunciations & slang
    • Local geography
    • Business owners expectations, attention to detail
    • Email etiquette, spam / virus protection
  • In-house training modules available for:
    • Xero accounting software (Xero certified staff)
    • Lead Generation
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • WordPress website basics
    • Creating landing pages using lead pages
    • Social Media campaign management

4. Full-time IT & Tech support at all times.

Whenever the office is open (24 hours per during the week and 3.30am to 8pm weekends, Philippine time) we have full-time IT staff on hand to assist your staff with any software installation, techy “how-to’s” like converting a pdf document or just exterminate those little gremlins that love to run around inside technology!

5. Data & Internet Security

  • All clients are given our Non-Disclosure Agreement, plus all staff sign a privacy and confidentiality agreement before they are employed in our office, giving you peace of mind that your data and intellectual property is treated in strict confidence.
  • For financial clients, we can also provide a full IT security audit (extra fees apply) as was the case for one of our AMP endorsed financial planner clients.
  • Our office Internet traffic is controlled with “Sophos” firewall software, which means we can set which sites your team can and cannot access to remove distractions
  • Specific User ID logins per employee
  • The office employs 4 security guards on rotating that man the entrance during both day and night operations
  • The front door has fingerprint biometric scanner to allow entrance
  • Inside the office is a CCTV system

6. VoIP Telephone line

Enjoy crystal clear phone calls via a dedicated lease line just for phone calls. You can be assigned your own local phone number – eg (02) for Sydney, (03) for Melbourne etc so your staff can receive calls. There is no charge to receive calls to your VoIP number. Outbound calls are billed separately (please see our VoIP rates here)

7. HR & Administration

Full-time onsite HR Manager, assistance and access to onsite HR support, legal employment of staff, induction and orientation of new staff, reporting and communication of any related HR matters direct to client, observation, monitoring and oversight of staff’s productivity and wellbeing / attitude attendance, attendance reporting, processing of company identification cards, performance management and termination of non-performing staff, employee retention program facilitation, team building and social activities.

Full administration and processing of payroll and all Gov’t obligations including Tax, Social Security System (SSS), Philhealth and Pagibig Loans, setting up staff payroll bank account, processing of employee benefits including health insurance (HMO) and 13th Month Pay, new staff tax identification number (TIN), SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig enrolment, assistance in government loan applications.

8. Team Building and Social Events

We like to build a strong family culture in the office, so the staff enjoy coming to work and being amongst friends, and hopefully want to stay longer! We have regular social events and team building exercises, free snacks Friday afternoons (from pizza to more traditional Filipino foods) and get into the spirit of events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day etc by decorating their work stations and having staff parties. We also like to be involved with charitable events, whether that’s a day at an orphanage, or helping some of those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Number of Staff Required


Are my staff's government mandated benefits (including their 13th month pay & health insurance) included?
Absolutely. The rates quoted above already include their contributions and benefits. We'll even enroll them in our company private health insurance after their initial month's trial.

A few of our staff have had to be hospitalised in the past…proper health care for them and/or their children is massive.

How do you handle Public Holidays?

We like to keep things very easy for our clients, and as such, our policy is:

“If it’s a normal working day in [Your State], then your staff will be working too”.working-day

That way you don’t have to worry or keep track of the myriad of Philippine special holidays, regular holidays, school, bank holidays etc (did you know there are around 22 public holidays each year in the Philippines?!) Don't worry, we'll pay your staff the penalty rates for working on any Philippine public holidays, in fact, this is already included in the rates quoted above.

We often have social events on national holidays like Anzac day in Australia (the perfect time to go Island Hopping in the Philippines) or Independence Day for our US clients. Your staff will love sharing in your local the culture on public holidays.

What about Holiday Pay and Sick Leave?

Up to the client, but our standard policy is 12 "leave credits" (days) per year plus anytime your business closes over the Xmas / New Year's period. The 12 days leave per year are accrued at 1 day per month of service. Leave days can be used for either paid sick or paid holidays. Staff will also follow your local public holidays (AU/UK etc) which like for your local staff are considered paid days off.


Your Australian business closes from December 23rd 2016 until January 3rd 2017 & your staff started July 1st 2016

Since your staff accumulate 1 day's paid leave per month, come end of December they would have accumulated 6 days leave (July 1st start date) which  can be utilized for either paid sick leave or paid vacation leave during the year.

On top of these 6 days accrued leave, your staff is entitled to be paid for the 3 days of your shutdown + 3 public holidays (Xmas, Boxing and NYD)

In 2017, your staff would accrue 1 day per month leave credit(s) + your 2017/2018 shutdown period as paid holidays.


What if your business does not close between Xmas & New Years?

If you do not have a "shutdown period" around Xmas, then we suggest including a further 3 to 5 days leave per annum, giving your staff a total combined number of paid days (sick + holiday) of 15 t0 17 days per year.


What if your staff is late to work or absent on a day and does not yet have any leave credits?

If your staff are late to work, we will encourage them to make up the time by having a shorter lunch break, or extending past the usual finish time. If your staff are sick and does not have any available leave credits (days) then we'll encourage them to either work on a Saturday in Lieu - or extend 2 hours per day for 4 days to make up for the day they missed.


Can I have my staff work on [AU/USA/UK/NZ] public holidays instead - so I can take the time off?

Absolutely! If you prefer a custom arrangement, we can tailor an agreement that suits your business.


Do I really have to pay my staff holidays?

Yes - consider it no different to your local staff getting paid holidays. Your outsourced staff are part of your company, your culture and should be no different to your local staff other than physically being located in another office. If you're asking this question, perhaps you're better suited to hiring contractors from Upwork to work only on a contract basis.


Our Payment Terms:

  • Payment of the recruitment fee begins the outsourcing process (3-6 week timeframe)
  • Once you’ve chosen your team, their first month is payable in advance.
  • Following the first month, we’ll setup a monthly auto debit for your Visa, MasterCard or PayPal account
  • If you do NOT want to pay using credit card, and prefer an alternate means (eg bank transfer) then a security bond of one month is required in addition to the first month’s fee
  • There are no fixed term contracts, we only require 30 days written notice if you wish to cancel your service.
  • In the unlikely event that you are not happy with a staff member, we will replace them for you during the first 90 days.


Why we recommend working in an office as opposed to the “work-from-home” model:

Working at home has huge distractions:

  • Sadly, a work from home job is often not taken seriously as a “real job” by the extended family also living in the same home, which means interruptions from the kids, parents and grandparents (not to mention the noise from chickens & karaoke all day!). Productivity is much higher in a controlled office environment.
  • We ensure your staff are arriving to work on-time, and working solely for you – they are not watching TV, browsing Facebook all day, or worse - working at home for another client when they should be working for you!


Reliability & Redundancy:

  • The power and Internet reliability in the Philippines is in a word….terrible! Most work from home staff use an old computer, with a USB stick modem, at the mercy of the local power company’s power-outages (called “brown-outs” in the Philippines). Our office building has a backup power generator and 4 separate fibre optic Internet lines (plus a 5th separate line just for VoIP) from 3 different Internet Service Providers
  • None of this “waiting for half a day for email replies” since we are following your business hours, working full time in our physical office with phone or Skype to communicate with you.
  • Should your staff member be away sick, quite often we can have their assigned team leader or one of our other staff jump in and work on any urgent tasks you have for that day.
  • The Philippines are subject to 10-15 typhoons per year, on average. Power and Internet repairs afterwards are always prioritised to the business areas, often leaving residential areas without power for days. Our office is in “Cebu” - geographically located in the middle of the Philippines which doesn’t experience the same volume of typhoons as Manila, for example.


Team Building and Up-skilling:

  • We focus on building a strong family culture at Delonix, so staff enjoy coming to work, lowering our attrition rate. We have regular social events and team building exercises for all the staff in our office.
  • Working together in a physical office means a “collective hive” of information and skills – the staff help each other out and share their knowledge to further individuals on new skills

Bottom line, if you’re just launching a new business, and need some assistance here and there, then perhaps the work from home model or even Fiver / Upwork is all you really need.

But ultimately if you’re looking to grow your business and have staff an integral part of your operations (and why wouldn’t you?), then you really need the reliability and redundancy of managed service. Focus on the big picture, work ON your business, not IN your business by systemising, automating and outsourcing.

Number of Staff Required


Number of Staff Required

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