Delonix Back to School Kids Party - Delonix Teams

Delonix Back to School Kids Party

Delonix appreciates all the hard work you’ve done to your assigned clients with us. This May 31st of 2019 (Friday) on 4:00 to 5:00 PM at the Mango Square Mall Atrium, we will throw a Back to School party for employees with kids that go to school and of course, the main stars, the kiddies as well! This is exclusive for employees’ bouncing kids, and it will be filled with games, laughter, and yummy food. So wear your best outfit and dress up your kids with their favourite outfits for the day – time to make them smile and enjoy their day.

A lot of kids are scared to go to school because of anxiety in terms of fitting in and group tasks. By doing this small party, we can ease in the concept of socialising with other kids and at least enjoy the company of other kids before the semester starts. It will slowly make them feel more at home and enjoy being surrounded by kids and making new friends.

For parents, we understand that buying school supplies really dent the budget, and sometimes it needs more. Delonix understands this and we are willing to assist parents with this dilemma and help them as much as possible. With the incoming school year and more books and projects in tow, we can provide school supplies under “Delonix Cafe Utang” for employees to make sure that the kids will have their supplies ready before the school starts.

As cliche as it sounds, we believe that the children are our future and we believe in nourishing them with whatever resources we can manage. Delonix supports the value of education and understands the sacrifices needed to achieve their dreams.