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Thank you so much for booking the call, please make sure to watch this video below, and I’m going to show you how we helped this client build a remote team that:

  1. Only required her to train ONCE (we documented the training and created the manual for her)
  2. Allowed her to reduce her working hours by delegating repetitive / admin tasks
  3. Add an additional 8 staff over 4 years, saving over $1.5M

Our goal during this call is to make it highly valuable for you by:

  1. Understanding where you are right now, and what are your challenges
  2. Identifying areas of your business that could be automated or delegated
  3. Roadmap to increasing your revenue whilst working less hours

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Why Work With Us?

Jeremy Morgan

Hi, it’s Jeremy here. I love when I get asked this question because we haven’t even met yet and so if you weren’t even a little bit sceptical, then I would be worried.

I’ve spent over $150k in the last 2 years on various marketing Gurus, and so-called LinkedIn & FB ad experts, the “best” sales coaches and one thing I’ve learnt is that most of them were rubbish, and really don’t care if you get the results they promise.

I had a good business before Covid. I built my company to over 500 staff. I was flying business class every month to different countries. I had a full-time house helper and nanny. But it wasn’t until the lockdowns forced changes in my business that I began to be able to operate it without going to the office every day. And it took less of my time to keep it running.

But then I got comfortable.

When we get too comfortable, we stop dreaming.

I was missing something. What was my purpose? So I started learning options trading. I opened a cocktail lounge with my wife. Then we opened a restaurant. And expanded it with a function room. Just for fun. Because I worked in hospitality for 10 years in my younger years, and enjoy the industry.

But I was still lacking purpose.

One of my greatest personal satisfactions in life comes from helping people. I think I inherited that from my mother (along with her hard work ethic)

I still smile inside when I think back to helping Daryl make almost a quarter of a million dollars just 6 months after we started. The tears of gratitude when he phoned me to say he’d cracked his first 100k month. It’s life-changing.

I wanted to get back to helping fellow business owners and entrepreneurs build better businesses. Not to stand on stage selling a “sh*t in a box” shiny object that 95% of people never do anything with. I want to help you replicate the results I’ve got in my own company.

So I surrounded myself with more expensive coaches, and I’ve put together this program to add $1-$3M in new revenue, whilst cutting back on the number of days you need to work in your business.

I teach you the same framework and methodologies I learned in 2 decades and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into my business and from all the failures I’ve encountered so you don’t have to go through all that hassle yourself.

I pick up my son from pre-school at 12.30pm and he always runs when he sees me and jumps into my arms. Let’s do the same for you.

Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses hire thousands of remote staff workers over the last 9 years…

…Are you next?

"I've never done it [outsourcing] before ... but it's really been a great experience!"

"When I started...I did all the admin tasks myself... now I have 16 staff members!"

Learn how a Melbourne company slashed their wages by 60%, saving more than $1.5M over 4 years!

Learn how an Architectural firm halved their turnaround time, reduced wages 60% & maintained quality.


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