Business Blueprint Packages

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Step One: Let us take care of the recruitment for you

  • General Hiring

    Once-Off Recruitment Fee
  • General Virtual Assistant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Customer Support
  • Data Entry
  • Appointment setter
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Ideal if you need a general virtual assistant or Customer Service type (non-technical) roles with common software tools experience
  • Assistance with salary expectations
  • Assistance writing Job Description
  • Paid postings on local Job websites
  • Paid postings on Facebook
  • DISC Personality Profile
  • DOPE Personality Test
  • General Aptitude Skills Test
  • 3rd Party Background checks
  • 2-3 shortlisted Candidates presented to you
  • 2-4 week turnaround time*
  • excluding any notice period by employed staff*
  • Specialised Hiring

    Once-Off Recruitment Fee
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Motion Graphics
  • Managerial Roles
  • Unique software Experience
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • For more technical roles with specialised skills and/or software experience that require specific trial tests as part of the recruitment process
  • Assistance with salary expectations
  • Assistance writing Job Description
  • Paid postings on local Job websites
  • Paid postings on Facebook & LinkedIn
  • DISC Personality Profile
  • DOPE Personality Test
  • Specific Technical Tests as per role
  • 3rd Party Background checks
  • 2-3 shortlisted Candidates presented to you
  • 3-5 week turnaround time *
  • excluding any notice period by employed staff*

Step Two: Choose Your Ongoing Support

  • Contract Management
  • Time Keeping Logs
  • Productivity Reports
  • Project Management Software
  • SMS Attendance Notification
  • Payroll Service
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Offsite IT Support
  • Workstation & Computer Provided
  • Biometric Logs
  • Web Based CCTV Access
  • Fibre Optic Enterprise Grade SLA Internet
  • Fibre Optic Backup Internet Line
  • Office Backup Generator
  • Shared Meeting Room, Board Room
  • Access to online upskilling & training courses
  • Health Insurance Provided
  • Additional Accident Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Savings & Retirement Fund
  • Assigned Client Success Manager
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Customised KPI & Success Metrics
  • Training Needs analysis
  • Daily & Weekly check-in with team members
  • Social & Retention Activities
  • Free coffee, lunch and snacks
  • Monthly Coaching / 1 on 1 Sessions
  • Face to Face Training & Upskilling
  • Office + Standard

    (AUD) per month
  • Ideal when you have existing managers to manage your staff's output and KPIs or you want to train and manage your staff yourself. We'll take care of IT and Payroll in an A-grade office building.
  • i5 8Gb Dual Screen
  • Coming Soon
  • Basic Coverage
  • Office + Premium
    Support & Benefits

    (AUD) per month
  • For $200pw your remote staff will be fully supported & managed by someone in the same office, along with life & medical insurance. We're accountable in coaching / training your staff and you will have direct feedback from us in regards to your staff's performance
  • i7 16Gb Dual Screen
  • Coming Soon
  • Premium Coverage
  • Home-based + Standard

    (AUD) per month
  • Only recommended for experienced clients, that have already built a great relationship with their staff over time, that staff can demonstrate they have the hardware and utilities to provide you productivity and quality of work
  • Lease of PC Optional
  • Backup home Wifi Internet provided
  • Coming Soon
  • Basic Coverage
  • Access To Alison

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I be paying my remote staff?

The market rates for different positions will vary depending upon which city your contractor(s) are living and working in. Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and has the largest population. It also has the highest cost of living and so the market rates are also the highest.

Cebu is the second largest City in the Philippines, but with less population and far less traffic! It was the location of choice for Delonix setting up their first office. The cost of living and wage rates in Cebu are less than Manila, and Cebu also doesn’t seem bare the front of Typhoons as much as Manila or even the southern areas of the Philippines. Therefore it is our first choice for hiring remote staff.

Dumaguete is the next city to the south of Cebu and was Delonix’s location of choice for their second office. It has a lower cost of living than Cebu, but still has fibre optic Internet. Whilst the population is far smaller than the bigger cities, and finding experienced technical skilled staff is difficult, if you’re looking for Customer Service roles or general admin / Virtual Assistant roles, it’s our recommended city of choice.

To make it super easy for you, we’ve created a chart of market rates for Cebu City and Dumaguete City. These figures are in $AUD and already factor in the extra employment costs that staff would be entitled to if hired by a local company (SSS, Philhealth, 13th month etc) meaning the rates suggested are very competitive.

I am looking for a variety of tasks to be done – are there any all-rounder Virtual Assistants?

It’s an unrealistic expectation to find someone multi-skilled in accounting, website management, Social media Management & Content writing etc from day one. This is a common (false) belief that is often purported in webinars and events selling “the dream” of having someone from another country run your business for $2 per hour. We call it the unicorn theory! You should focus on your 3 highest “bang-for-buck” tasks that you can outsource to free up as much time as possible so you can then focus on the marketing and income producing activities in your business.

That being said, you can always start small but train your staff with new skillsets as they progress, so that they can take on more and more tasks (and be rewarded with a higher pay!) which is why Delonix has both the online training modules as well as the face to face training available in our concierge package.

How does sick leave and annual leave work?

As an independent contractor working for you, there are no obligations to pay your remote staff sick leave or annual leave. That said, to remain competitive and foster a great long-term relationship, we strongly recommend treating them as part of your team and just like your local staff, acquire paid leaves. We suggest 2 weeks paid leave between Xmas & New year plus 5 days paid sick leave as a minimum to begin with, and you can always expand to 3 weeks leave after 12 months.

What public holidays do my remote staff get?

Similarly, as an independent contractor working for you, there is no obligation to give pay your remote staff on public holidays. But again, to foster a great long-term working relationship, we recommend allowing your remote staff to take the same public holidays as your local team. If however, you need your remote staff working on your local public holidays in an after-hours support role, that’s perfectly fine, just be clear on their holiday schedule at the time of hiring.

What happens to the Philippine Public holidays?

If you indicated to your remote staff upon their hiring that they will follow your (Western) public holiday schedule, then they will be expected to work on most Philippine public holidays. As an independent contractor, they are not entitled to be paid penalty rates, however we’ve already factored this in with our suggested rates in the chart above, which is why our suggested rates are very comparable competitive.

What are the pros & cons of Work-From-Home versus Office?

This was an actual 40-minute topic at a recent Business Blueprint conference, so we’ve summarised the answer here

What’s your recruitment guarantee?

If we are unable to provide at least 2 candidates in the agreed timeframe, then we will refund your payment in full. If you are not happy with any of your shortlisted candidates after you have interviewed them, we shall continue sourcing and present you with at least 2 more candidates for interviewing.

Following commencement of your staff, if any do not meet your performance standards during the first 90 days, we will replace them without any additional recruitment fee. If you choose our concierge support package, then you’ll also be assigned your own Client Success Manager (CSM) who’s job is to be part of the training and coaching with your staff from day one to help you get the stated objectives from your team.

What if I am not happy with my chosen remote staff?

Our concierge support package is committed to getting the outcome(s) you need and make your life easier! We’ll work tirelessly with you and your remote team to coach them through any shortcomings and help them understand your vision and needs. Cultural differences and miscommunications are 90% of the cause of challenges with remote staff, so lean on our experience of operating and growing Filipino teams since 2012. We have dozens of success stories from clients employing just one team member, to clients transforming their entire business with over 150 remote staff.

How do I pay my remote staff?

We make the process very simple for you, and very fast for your staff to get paid (with awesome FX exchange rates – far better than PayPal or the Philippine banks)

Firstly, we’ll work with you to reach a mutually agreed renumeration package for your team members. Whatever that rate is, 100% goes to your staff – Delonix do not take any fees or commissions.

Next, Delonix invoices you for the month in advance for both your staff’s renumeration, plus our office / Support fee depending upon which package you choose.

You have access to your team’s weekly time logs, and by the end of each month, any extra hours (overtime) or any undertime hours are noted and adjusted on your following month’s invoice.

For Australian clients, you can pay in $AUD via local bank transfer to our Australian bank account (fee free) or via credit card (2.5% fee to ensure your staff receive the correct amount).

For Clients outside Australia, we accept $USD payments via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) or International bank transfer.

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