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About Us

About Us

Delonix Consulting was born out of the frustration of paying thousands of dollars to a so-called “Professional SEO Company” and getting no results. In fact within 4 months, I had learnt more on SEO than this company had been providing for my (then first ever) website.

It was around June 2006 when I started my online education, learning how to get my website ranked well in the search engines. I dived deep into my online studies and immersed myself with everything I possibly could full time for 7 months. In other words I was spending 40 – 50 hours per week learning, watching, studying and of course (the most important step) applying.

During that time I rebuilt my own website 3 times, each time after learning a fundamental principle I hadn’t known before. It seemed the more I learnt on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, the more I realized I didn’t know.

Finally around March of 2007, I ranked number one in Google Australia for my primary keyword. Now, over 12 months later, I hold many number 1 positions in Google Australia, and hundreds of first page results.

So it had began, and later in 2007, I started helping other people get their website’s ranking better in the search engines, and before I knew it, Delonix Consulting had grown into a SEO company, helping many people get better results and more visitors to their own websites.

You see I described SEO a bit like this…

Having a website (without good rankings in the search engines) is nothing more than an online brochure. One that very rarely brings you in more business and income.

Not having a well ranked site is a bit like advertising your electrician business in the middle of the florist section of the yellow pages.

Time and time again I hear the stories of how people have spent thousands of dollars on getting a website built, that no-one visits, let alone can find.

Time and time again, I am directed to Web Designers, Graphic Artists and companies that show a myriad of projects they have completed for clients, and you look at these sites and perhaps think “wow” they look great. But I challenge you to have a look at where they are ranked in the search engines, and how much traffic is that website getting (you can check this information out using www.alexa.com) and you most see of these websites are little more than dead online brochures, rusting in the wind.

Unfortunately most website graphics artists have zero knowledge on Search Engine Optimisation and those web design firms that DO have some knowledge on SEO have no knowledge on conversion and marketing.

There are only Two Things that are Important

There are hundreds (thousands worldwide) of companies that can produce a fancy looking website, one with cutting edge graphics, animation and all the latest technologies but as far as I am concerned

There is no point in having a website that one-one can find. You may as well write a cheque for the cost of your website and then flush it down
There is no point in having a website with millions of visitors if no-one is converting in to a lead / sale / client for you
Why Us?

What makes Delonix different from the others?

Delonix Consulting is diferent, in that we build websites from the ground up to dominate the search engines, and also build them from a marketing perspective to maximise revenue.

And don’t think I am preaching to be the guru on either subject. What I did, could be replicated by pretty much anyone else out there. I took courses, studied the best in the industry and of course, applied the knowledge.

The only difference between me and most of the other people that take a course is that I completed the course, and then took action.

I also feel a small amount of luck was involved in that I picked the best teachers.
There is so much garbage out there that a wrong decision in choosing a mentor could lead to a set-back (or lack of results) that could lead to someone quitting.

Fortunately I managed to find the best people in each industry and became a student. Anthony Robbins quotes he “became great by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Well I get the results today, because I too stood on the shoulders of giants, and took action.