457 Foreign Workers

Delonix Teams has staff experienced in deploying skilled workers to Australia on 457 long stay work Visas. Director of client services, Alison Omega, has over 5 years experience in Human Resource Management and has deployed over 100 workers across Australia since 2012

Alison has great raport and a reputation with her previous Australian clients in providing highly skilled lines workers, auto electricians and light & heavy diesel mechanics to name a few.

Delonix Teams has formed a strategic business alliance with a local recruiting firm in the Philippines. In affect what this business partnership has allowed us to do is to provide you, the client, with absolutely first class Filipino talent at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional recruiting firms. Whereby recruiting firms charge a percentage of an employee’s first year’s salary as a commission which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, we only charge our client a heavily reduced flat rate fee. How can Delonix Teams be so cost effective? Simply put, we do not have the costs involved with maintaining a Philippines recruiting license or the associated overheads of maintaining an Australia office.

At this point in time we are supplying recruits to Australian Industry but also, because of our low fee base, are looking to form a strategic alliance with a leading Australian based recruiting firm.

Alison has already formed a strategic alliance with one of Sydney’s foremost Immigration Lawyers to further assist our clients with the process of recruiting from the Philippines. The Principal Lawyer is highly experienced in the process of obtaining 457 Long Stay Business Visa’s for Filipino workers on behalf of our client’s and at the time of writing, has produced had a remarkable 100% success rate.  Of course you are free to use your own immigration specialist however you may wish to choose us to take advantage of the successful working relationship that we already have in place with this firm.

Recruiting Methodology:

Identical to the methodology used by traditional recruiting firms, once an order is placed, we handle every aspect of the process involved in facilitating the sourcing of your personnel including:

  • Advertising (if required)
  • Ensure candidate meets DIAC (Department of Immigration & Commerce) requirements.
  • Initial interview
  • Candidate Background checks
  • Panel Interview
  • (NBI) Security clearance

  • IELTS or In House English Assessment
  • Medical to DIAC requirements
  • Professional driver’s license
  • Driving Assessment
  • Skills Assessment to Australia Certificate III Level.

(We can also tailor our recruiting methodology and in-house training to suit an individual client’s needs.)

Once an applicant has satisfied our rigid and thorough evaluation, selection and in-house training processes, we work with our Immigration lawyer (or yours) to ensure that they have every possible chance of obtaining an Australian 457 Long Business Stay Visa.

No matter what industry, Delonix Teams can provide the most reliable, adaptable, professional, highly-skilled and experienced Filipino talent available. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibility of a strategic alliance with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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