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Web Developers

Looking to expand your web development business using Filipino developers? We have a really strong team of devs working for several Australian web companies, mentored by our Australian CEO.

Graphic Designers

We have several clients with graphic designers in their teams, from print to web to sublimated art for clothing manufacturers. Like the webdev teams, the graphic designers are mentored by our Australian CEO

General Admin Staff

Typical of your traditional VA or "Virtual assistant", admin type staff can be trained to implement all those marketing strategies you need to do but don't have time. Work ON your business, not IN your business.

Appointment Setting

Whether it's calling upon your existing client database or handing over qualified, "warm" leads to your sales managers, we have clients utilising appointment setters to leverage their time.

Customer Support Staff

You're already used Telstra, eBay & AT&T that offshore their call centres – now SME's can do the same, saving up to 75% on costs. We have several clients using teams for inbound voice & email customer support

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Another industry with a lot that can be outsourced, expand your business with bookkeepers or qualified CPAs in our office. We already have accounting firms with Xero certified CPA's in our office.

Social Media Marketing

Touted by some as a "necessary evil" you know you should be doing, but don't have the time. Online marketing, lead generation & social media marketing strategies can be trained and executed by your offshore staff.

eBay Management

From setting up new stores, to adding new listings, managing customer emails, coordinating with suppliers and managing orders, yep, we already have a client that has a VA doing that for them now!

Advantages of a utilising a Managed Office

Reliability & Redundancy.

Having your team report to a physical office each day gives them structure to their work day, as well as redundant power and Internet including back-up generators to our building, and 5 separate Internet connections across 3 separate ISPs (fibre-optic & cable)

Coaching & Mentoring

Remote managing staff has it's unique differences & challenges, however our management team (lead by an Australian CEO working in the Philippine office) will assist you and your staff to adapt to the culture differences and understand what level of expectations exist on both sides.

The "Communal Hive"

Having over 400 staff currently in the office with different skillsets and experience means a wide variety of knowledge for new staff to draw upon. If you need a new task done, chances are there's already someone in the office that can help teach your staff how to do it.

About Us

Delonix Teams was born out of the frustration in trying to manage over half a dozen "work from home" VAs (from all over the world) in my own business, back from 2008-2011. The concept sounded good, but it just never really worked like I had read about. Fast forward to 2017 and we now have over 480 staff, in a physical office in the Philippines working directly for their clients in AU, USA, NZ & UK, mentored and managed by the hands-on Australian CEO.

Get in Contact with us and find out if we could be a good fit working with you, taking over any repetitive tasks that can be systemised, documented and outsourced – allowing you to focus on the big picture stuff. Work on your business, not in your business.

Our Management Team

Jeremy Morgan - Founder & CEO

Jeremy Morgan

Founder & CEO

The main difference between Delonix and other Outsource agencies in the Philippines is that we have “westerners” actually living and working in our Philippine office, alongside your staff. The CEO, Jeremy Morgan, has been online marketing since 2006, and mentored by the likes of Mal Emery, Jamie McIntyre and Tony Robbins to name a few.

Alison Omega - Managing Director

Alison Omega

Managing Director

Alison Omega, a local born Filipina, has 5 years overseas experience working for US and EU companies, plus over 5 years’ experience working for Australian companies. Alison speaks as fluent as any westerner, and is also "boots on the ground" working alongside the Filipino staff in the office. Alison is always a phone call or Skype chat away to jump in and assist you and your team with any escalations.

Andy & Angela Smith - Strategic Planning & Business Growth

Andy & Angela Smith

Strategic Planning & Business Growth

Business owners and entrepreneurs Andrew & Angela Smith handle the Australian aspects of the company with Strategic Planning & Business development. Andy frequents the Cebu office twice a year, giving him firsthand experience when discussing with you how to best to handle and grow your offshore team.

Some Fun Facts

Active Projects

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Our Facebook News

Delonix BPO Cebu
Delonix BPO Cebu
Good Game to All Teams who played in the Lower Bracket of Delonix' Mobile Legends Tournament.

Congratulations and Good Luck to Tasmanian Devil Gaming as they advance to the Final round in becoming Delonix Cebu's best MLBB team.

#whyDelonix #MLBBinDelonix
Delonix BPO Cebu
Delonix BPO Cebu
There is a way to YOLO ourselves through life and still be financially sound. Finding the right place and opportunity to invest and save our money are key 🔑. Thank you, Manulife with Honeylet and Gilbert for sharing tips with us, Millenials! It's a great way to spend a Friday afternoon ❤

#whydelonix #financialliteracy #investments
Delonix BPO Cebu
Delonix BPO Cebu
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius

Delonix offers you work-life balance and opportunities that you will be sure to love.

Check out all the roles we're currently looking to fill and join our growing family now!

Now Hiring: Day Shift BPO & Weekends Off!
Life is short. Work somewhere awesome and expand your expertise! Read more to know the reasons #WhyDelonix

✓ DAYSHIFT roles
✓ Fixed weekends off
✓ Accessible office location
✓ Above-average salary
✓ Relaxed dress code
✓ Free daycare for your kids
✓ Quarterly office parties
✓ Staff Kids Parties
✓ Free lunch for new hires
✓ Birthday lunch at Zubuchon
✓ Travel opportunities
✓ Café & minimart Utang
✓ School supplies Utang
✓ Interest-free eyeglass loans
✓ Interest-free gadgets loans
✓ Delonix Basketball teams
✓ Other Free Friday activities (Makeup tutorials, haircuts, manicures, Mobile Legends Competition etc)

All our positions are FULL-TIME and OFFICE based only.

We have offices in Cebu & Dumaguete (no home-based roles).

How to Apply:
1) Visit our website to see the current open positions we are hiring for:

2) View our Jobstreet Ads:

3) View our Mynimo Ads:

4) Walk-in at our Cebu office, Mondays to Fridays, 8AM to 3PM. We are located at the 3rd Floor, Mango Square Building, Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City (same building as National Bookstore).

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